Wednesday, June 6, 2012

(B) Overview of Project

The MAIN theory of the Project

The main theory of this project is about distillation and the working principals behind it. Distillation is based on separation of miscible liquids based on the different boiling points of the liquids in the solution.

When two or more different miscible liquids are mixed together, they have different boiling points as they are off different materials and compounds. When heat is introduced to the mixture, the liquid with the lowest boiling point will evaporate first and the vapor phrase of the liquid will travel up the column and reaches the condenser first to be condensed into liquid phrase to be transfer into the beaker at the other end of the distillation column.

The MAIN concept of the Project

The concept of distillation  is to separate a binary mixture of miscible liquids to obtain moderately pure components from the binary mixture. When the liquids are separated, the liquid of that boiling point will be collected first in another beaker at the other end of the distillation part. The moderately pure substance collected will be the end product.

The liquid left behind will also be of moderately pure, thus the distillation has successfully separated the liquids in the binary mix.

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