Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Group Reflections - Day 1

What we have covered today:

Plenary Sessions:
Nicole: interesting and inspiring
HungKye: enlightening and very informative
Princeton: motivational and arouse curiosity
Siddharth: one word, awesome
Mavis: captivating and refreshing

General: We think that this information will help us in the future, giving us an insight of the various jobs and how it can actually impact the world. It gives us a head-start on what we want to do and what we can do.

Campus tour:
We feel that this university has a beautiful campus and provides many facilities for the students and creates a conducive environment suited for students as well. We also found out the route of the public buses are able to go through the university so that it makes transport easier for under-graduates to travel from one place to another within the big campus.

Network and interaction with NTU students:
Nicole: Cleared doubts and questions with the students
HungKye: Broke the 'ice'
Princeton: Presently Engaging
Siddharth: Fun.
Mavis: Entertaining (they were making jokes and etc.)

General: It was a warm pleasent greet

Other remark(s):
Sleeping time too early.

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