Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Group Reflection - Day 2

Applied Project Challenge:

We received gloves, coats, and goggles. Started on the project and did some testing and followed procedures on how to distillate water or liquids into different components

Nicole: It was a little boring at first, but as I progressed and understood a little more, I thought that it was very interesting as there were many components that affects the whole process.

HungKye: Complicated at first, but it was fun to test out the equipment

Princeton: This project is actually very interesting as the basic concept of the distillation is very simple but yet the different components that affects the concentration of each separate solution are very complicated and fascinating.

Siddharth: It was interesting and it aroused my curiosity and it is also a platform to use the concepts that we had learnt in school. This acts as a revision and the adding of more knowledge for ourselves.

Mavis: It was an intensive exercise and the learning point of it all was great, new knowledge earned and it was a good time interacting with the professors about the experiment.

General: It was a great time interacting with professors and students of NTU and we have learned greatly from them, and we had enjoyed ourselves.

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